Talk About An Amazon Gold Mine For Affiliates!

I’ve mentioned fellow UK internet marketer Martin Avis more than once before here, one of the nicest, most sincere and ethical people I know (and something of an expert when it comes to affiliate marketing such as Amazon).

Not to mention helpful and very clever, especially when it comes to software.

Martin is the kind of guy who, when he finds an online task that he is doing a lot but takes forever – but he does it anyway because in the final analysis it’s profitable – can and will work at it until he comes up with a piece of software that does the job for him.

And then – clever marketer that he is – he’ll share the tool – or the results – with other marketers, knowing they’re bound to be having the same issues as he is.

He’s done it before e.g. with Keyword LSI Spy.

And now he’s done it again with Amazing Gold Mine, which, as you’ve probably figured, is a clever workaround name for a tool that helps you do affiliate marketing with… Amazon.

The difference with Amazing Gold Mine is that, rather than you having to constantly update a piece of software you downloaded and installed (because, like Google, Amazon is constantly changing the way it does things), Martin just lets his software do the work and gives you the results every week.

And what are those results, you’re probably asking (I would be anyway, if I were reading this…).

Well, actually they come (or came, meanwhile there is more…) in two forms, a “Golden Nuggets” and a “Bargain Basement” report, downloadable both as a normal Excel file or as a CSV (comma separated values) file that you can import into another program or just put into a text file if you want.

Every Saturday the Amazon “Golden Nuggets” report delivers, on a golden platter so to speak, highly profitable – for an Amazon affiliate – products that are of high value but can be had at a deep discount at the time when the report is generated.

A few days later on Wednesday you get the Amazon “Bargain Basement” report, which has – sometimes rather obscure – products with such a ridiculously massive discount you wouldn’t believe it. (We’re talking at least 80% here.)   But to someone who’s looking for that product it’s the bargain of the century, and they’ll likely snap it up.

And because it is relatively obscure, you can probably rank for it a lot more easily.

Now seeing as your Amazon affiliate commission percentage goes up as you make more sales – no matter what the value of the sale – you might just see why it could be a good idea to promote these deeply discounted products on Amazon…

It would, however, take you forever to find these gems.

Just like it would to find the kind of golden nuggets Martin’s software gives you in the other report, along with “technical” but useful details like what the cost is, how many stars the rating has, how many reviews, the popularity and how big the discount is.

When the service started, the initial reports were both for, the US site, but since then, in addition to a further research gem, Cream of the Crop in two price ranges, reports for have been added as well – at no extra cost.

And what is the cost? I hear you say…   A little under $0.43 a day (less in leap years 🙂 ).

Seriously, at the time of writing it’s just $12.97 a month, in return for which you get information that is priceless – hundreds of high cost, highly rated and yet deeply discounted, but nevertheless profitable Amazon products, with a link to the product page for you to just grab your Amazon affiliate link and start promoting.

Does it get any easier than that?

Especially if you combine it with one of the increasing number of Amazon-related WordPress plugins and other tools and scripts.

What an Amazing Gold Mine!

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