Some products by Wilco de Kreij

Perfect Ad Formula (Training) Wilco shows you exactly how you can create your winning ad that people can’t resist. Templates, step-by-step formulas… nothing is left out. You benefit from years of trial and error experience from the creator of the ConnectSuite collection of software tools for marketing on Facebook.

Retargeting Machine (Training) Wilco de Kreij’s 7-day, proven and tested implementation plan to help you set up your own wildly profitable retargeting funnel is as close to a ‘done-for-you’ retargeting plan as he can make it. With proven, ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ ad templates that work in every niche at no extra cost.

ConnectVideo (Software) The answer to the iOS 14.5 update… Even if Apple or Google enforces new tracking limitations in the future, this technology is practically future-proofed. ConnectVideo is 100% ready for iOS 14.5 and all future updates. It helps you retarget your hottest prospects for up to 365 days. ConnectVideo offers unmatched segmentation to show your ads only to the most relevant people.

ConnectAutomate (Software) Create automated Facebook ads. Helps you identify “winning” ads and eliminate losers so you only put money behind likely winners. ConnectAutomate identifies posts with high engagement and turns them into ads, automating the entire process. ConnectAutomate targets prospects at their stage of their buyer’s journey and puts the right content in front of the right audience at the right time.

ConnectExplore (Software) Revolutionary FB interest targeting tool – finally… no guesswork interest targeting.

ConnectAudience (Software) Seamless autoresponder and Facebook account retargeting integration for massive ROI boosts – sync your CRM into Facebook Custom Audiences.

ConnectLeads (Software) Get Two-click FB Leads into your email list – sync your Lead Ads into your autoresponder.

ConnectRetarget (Software) Powerful Facebook retargeting software for smarter retargeting – Behavioral Retargeting on Facebook.

UpViral (Software) The “Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform”.

ConnectIQ Academy (Training) Facebook ads training from one of the best in the business – a 6-week Facebook ads masterclass to become a Facebook ads pro. “They Laughed When I Told Them I’d Make A Million From Facebook Ads, Until I Did.”

Connectio The Wilco de Kreij “HQ” – the main website to smarten your Facebook ads.