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  • Store Your “Stuff” Online

    If you’re looking for a way to either store stuff online, share it or back it up – or “all of the above” without incurring hefty fees, there are an increasing number of free alternatives, in addition to numerous paid solutions. Most people have heard of Dropbox by now. If not, go here and sign […]

  • Make Sure You Test Your Links!

    Today I discovered a major screw up that has potentially cost me numerous affiliate sales and thus commissions over the past six months. I was checking the back end of a site in FTP and I thought a particular folder (containing a redirect page) was in a rather curious place. Namely not in the public_html […]

  • “Starting All Over Again…”

    Starting all over again is something I’ve done quite a lot of, so now I have joined John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success coaching and mentoring programme, I am more or less starting this blog again. Slightly new location, new theme, new approach – well, somewhat new. But there will also be considerable continuity, so I […]