Unless you have a plan – what is the point? [Part I]

I was looking at yet another of the seemingly endless WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) everyone and their brother seem to be telling me about lately.

This time it was a business bundle of premium themes, i.e. WordPress themes.

I already have more themes than I know what to do with.

That’s probably because

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Getting Started in Internet Marketing in the UK

Starting something and then not doing any more with it – because you’ve got tied down or distracted by other things – seems to me that’s a typical newbie phenomenon in internet marketing in the UK, as it is worldwide. And that’s exactly what I initially allowed to happen with the original version of this…

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First Post – Starting A Blog

First post – starting a blog begins with the first post. In this case, on the first of the first, New Year’s Day 2009, though only just. More will follow, I just wanted to get it online and get it going. Turned out taking a little longer than planned as I tried to get smart…

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