Unless you have a plan – what is the point? [Part I]

I was looking at yet another of the seemingly endless WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) everyone and their brother seem to be telling me about lately.

This time it was a business bundle of premium themes, i.e. WordPress themes.

I already have more themes than I know what to do with.

That’s probably because I haven’t actually had a plan of how to use them all.

And the day before I was just reading something from Andrew Hansen about using ONE theme as a template with everything the way you want it – in which case you don’t need a bundle.

In the past I have been quite trigger happy with this kind of thing if the price was right, i.e. a no brainer.

Or part of something I was getting already, in which case the trigger would be the right mouse click to download the zip file full of goodies.

Which are still on my hard drive.

Along with many others…

…waiting for me to do something with them…

…because I haven’t had a plan of WHAT to do with them….

Sound familiar?

So lately, since I now do have a kind of a plan, but it doesn’t at this stage involve anything that needs lots of themes, business or other, I feel a kind of calm when I look at these offers and their urgent calls to action before the price goes up or the offer disappears.

Because I know that (a) there will be more later if I do need them and (b) I already have a hard drive full of them…

This realisation about the pointlessness of getting all this stuff if I don’t currently know how to use it is saving me a lot of money – and frustration.

Admittedly, deep down (or maybe not so deep down) I knew it all along.

But then, we don’t always act on what we know, do we?


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