Google Wave – got your invite?

Some time back I wrote a couple of posts about Google Wave – and then forgot about it!

A few days ago I received an invitation by email to sign up to Google’s answer to Facebook et al.

The question is: with so many other distractions going on, do I need another one…

And what about you?

Have you got your invite to Google Wave, has everyone received one, or have I really managed to somehow become one of the “chosen few”?

Somehow I doubt it, but you never know.

I’ll take a closer look at it over the weekend, and maybe, some time soon, I’ll see YOU on Google Wave . 🙂

One response to “Google Wave – got your invite?”

  1. I just added another post on Google Wave (having meanwhile signed up), just after upgrading WordPress to version 2.9.2. For some weird reason only the title showed, and the front page of the blog was blank. So I deleted the post, and now the blog is visible again. Go figure… I’ll try again in a day or two and hope the problem has worked itself out.

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