Category: Internet Marketing

  • Mindmaps For Marketers Using Free Mindmapping Tools

    Mindmapping is something I first came across at Yanik Silver’s UK Underground Seminar in 2006, at a time when it was all done on paper. Since then various software tools for working with mindmaps have appeared on the scene, some premium and some free mindmapping tools. On the free side these include Freemind (the most […]

  • Riding A Trend Or Lack Of Originality? And Does It Matter If The Market Is Buying?

    It’s interesting to see the trends in internet marketing product launches. I mean the way you get a whole spate of somehow related products as everyone rides a particular trend hard. At the time of writing I’m thinking of tools for creating optin pages and forms (having just seen three or four I have meanwhile […]

  • Make Sure You Test Your Links!

    Today I discovered a major screw up that has potentially cost me numerous affiliate sales and thus commissions over the past six months. I was checking the back end of a site in FTP and I thought a particular folder (containing a redirect page) was in a rather curious place. Namely not in the public_html […]

  • What’s In A Name?

    Well you might ask, what’s in a name? But it’s one of those little things (or not so little, when you look at potential consequences, which I probably do way too much) that can hold you up, in online marketing and elsewhere. In this particular case, I’m referring to my name, and the name of […]

  • Curation, Curation, Curation…. Otherwise Known As The Publishing Model

    I have to laugh when I see all the hyped up emails about “curation”, i.e. “content curation”, as if it was only invented last week. I’ve been doing content curation online since at least 1999, and offline for even longer. I didn’t know the fancy name for what I was doing, I just did it. […]