Not Much Of A Ride On Google Wave

Well, I signed up to Google Wave, but somehow got becalmed…

I couldn’t figure out what to actually do with it once I was “in” and able to ride the wave.

The instruction video indicated wasn’t actually there, though after some searching on YouTube I did manage to find it.

But while I did find the video, I didn’t find it very helpful.

And I didn’t feel like watching the other hour long launch video all over again (which I had done when it first came out, but had meanwhile forgotten).

Soooooo…. I haven’t been back to Google Wave since, and they haven’t come after me to market it to me and get me to use it.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen much buzz about it anywhere else since either.

Or is it that Google Buzz is the next level of Google Wave?

Let me know in the comments how it’s gone for you if you’ve had any experience with Google Wave.

P.S. I originally posted this two weeks ago but every time I published, it made my blog disappear. I’ve now created yet another new post with it (and switched from VeryPlainText to Cutline). Hopefully it will work this time.

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