PLR article membership site – the new “gold standard”?

UK internet marketer and newsletter author Martin Avis and his wife Delia have just opened a new PLR article site called KickstartPLR (after his popular long-running newsletter).

I have known Martin personally for a number of years – we first actually met at a workshop at Heathrow in April 2006 – and have always admired his integrity, high standards and his honest desire to help.

As a result, a very large proportion of the products and services I have bought online have been through links in his regular Kickstart newsletter, and it is through him that I have gotten to know many other internet marketers around the world.

I think the first of Martin’s own products I bought was the ebook “Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks” – getting every ounce of use out of PLR articles, ebooks etc. is his particular speciality.

Martin has intensely studied practically every PLR membership out there – some of which I joined on his recommendation – and now has decided to apply his knowledge and quality standards to create his very own “gold standard” of PLR sites.

In other words, everything he himself has always wanted from a PLR site but not found in one place.

This includes both high quality articles – Martin, a former advertising executive running big name accounts in the UK, has been a renowned writer for years and his wife Delia is a former school teacher – as well as software tools to make using the excellent content as simple as possible.

Because next to writing, one of Martin’s other many talents is creating software scripts.

He has a number of very useful tools out there, such as LSI Keyword Spy, and the new KickstartPLR site, which I immediately joined when I heard about it, incorporates several such “pieces of kit”, as he calls them.

Anyway, if you think this might be of interest to you, take a look at the not very salesy sales letter and if it sounds appealing, try it out like I have.

There was a special pricing offer to “kickstart” the site (sorry, couldn’t resist that one…) but I don’t know if that still applies.

But even if you’re too late for that by the time you read this, the price is reasonable and definitely very good value compared to much of what you’ll find online.

P.S. Martin says this is just the beginning and he plans to add more and more features to the site as time goes on, so obviously now is a good time to get in, even more so if you still manage to grab that special price:

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