Riding A Trend Or Lack Of Originality? And Does It Matter If The Market Is Buying?

It’s interesting to see the trends in internet marketing product launches.

I mean the way you get a whole spate of somehow related products as everyone rides a particular trend hard.

At the time of writing I’m thinking of tools for creating optin pages and forms (having just seen three or four I have meanwhile received an email from a lady I know announcing yet another “coming soon!”) and, probably in connection with that, tools and training for building sales funnels.

This tells us a couple of things.

First, strike while the iron is hot.

If people are in a buying frenzy for optin products, sales funnel tools and training or done-for-you ready-made funnels (or, as recently to an extreme degree, Facebook products), come out with something too and throw your own line into that pool of hot buyers before they cool down.

Secondly – note to self – even if someone has just done it, if you simply go ahead and do it too you’ll probably make sales when the market has shown it wants that kind of thing.

This one is of particular relevance to me as I write this, as a participant in John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success coaching and mentoring programme, where we are up to the product creation stage.

In the past few weeks not just one but two of the products I have been considering doing have been done by someone else, making me doubt the sense of pursuing those lines of thought at this time.

I’m probably not the only one on the course dealing with this kind of dilemma.

Does it make you look like a copycat with a “me too” product, so nobody will want to promote it?

Or will affiliates be glad to feed the market with more of what it is obviously feeding on?

There’s an old saying of “plenty of fish in the sea” (aptly exploited by a well known online dating site, that is said to be good for traffic…), and I’ve heard that fish have short memories, especially when they’re hungry. 😉

So maybe thinking too much doth make, well, let’s leave Shakespeare out of it, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

So tell me, what do YOU think in this respect?

Strike while the iron is hot by coming up with a slight variation of what is already selling? (Sounds like good marketing to me if the fish bite…)

Look for a new idea for now if yours has just been done, and maybe come back to it later? (Could also be a profitable strategy.)

Go with something completely different and not touch that topic? (As long as it’s also something in demand.)

Or somewhere in between?

I’m really interested to know how others feel about this, so please let me know your thoughts with a comment below. Thanks!

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One response to “Riding A Trend Or Lack Of Originality? And Does It Matter If The Market Is Buying?”

  1. Richard G M Taylor says:

    Hi Paul,

    Interesting post and topic. I’ve been feeling just like you over the last couple of weeks, but the IM niche is so huge that I don’t think it matters that there are similar products out there. In some ways that’s good, because that indicates a hungry market. I think the secret is to look at all the competitors and simply make your product better.


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