Unless you have a plan – what is the point? [Part II]

Here’s a thought next time you’re faced with one of those scarcity offers –

“What did I do with all those other scarcity offers I bought…..uhhh….nothing…!”

“Will there likely be similar offers some time in the future if I don’t get this one….well….probably!”

That’s actually two thoughts, and they came to me on seeing about three (or four) emails in my inbox a while back from two clever marketers about their latest plugin source code offering, all with the subject line “Source Code gone forever… (time is almost up)”.

You see, I’ve seen offers for similar plugins before, maybe not exactly the same, but definitely similar.

And I have gradually become aware that even if I don’t see another one just like that, when/if I eventually see myself actually using it – I can probably find someone to make one for me – or sell me one – without too much difficulty.

I am reminded of something ANOTHER UK marketer, Peter Twist said to me several years ago: “Stop buying stuff”.

Did I listen? No….

Am I much further ahead than if I hadn’t bought all that stuff? No….

Actually, the key is not to just stop buying stuff full stop.

The key is to stop “just” buying stuff without a plan. A plan either of what you are going to do with it, or already having a plan that this particular “thing” fits into and complements.

[Note for all the other pedants out there like me… see how I wrote “complements” and not “compliments”…? For every one else, “complement” = add to, while “compliment = say nice things about. And “complementary” = adding to while “complimentary” = free. Just thought I’d throw that in there…]

Now back to our regular programme…

OK, where was I? Right. Does the latest superduper thing tying together WordPress, Pinterest and Facebook absolutely have to be part of your arsenal if you’re not even doing anything with Facebook right now?

Whether or not you should be is a whole different issue that I won’t go into here – “it’s the thought that counts”.

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