What does John Thornhill know about launching a WSO?

What does John Thornhill know about how to launch a WSO? (A “Warrior Special Offer” on the internet marketing virtual meeting place, the Warrior Forum, in case the term is new to you.)

Quite a bit, actually, it would seem.

Last month, at Randy Smith‘s regular Northalleron IM Meet Up, the topic was discussed extensively, and John demonstrated that he obviously knew what he was talking about.

Which was no surprise really, since he has not only done quite a number of WSOs recently, but also done very well out of them.

This experience, of course, in typical John Thornhill fashion, he has packaged together in an easy to follow training called WSO Domination.

Not only that, meanwhile John and partner Dave Nicholsonwho has yet to put in an appearance at the Northallerton meet up, hint hint – have once again joined forces to create a comprehensive “done for you” WSO package for a select few that begins with developing (or providing) a suitable product and includes promotion to the partners’ not insignificant lists as well as access to their other contacts.

Numbers for this direct support were strictly limited, as obviously the pair can only work with a handful of people at once at this level of involvement, and the price tag was of course considerably higher than for the regular WSO Domination package or its associated – VERY low cost – WSO Development membership, which is offered to buyers of WSO Domination once they are inside the members area. (How do I know this? I bought it of course and was immediately presented with the offer as well as some other useful resources John offers you once you are inside. And no, it’s not strictly an OTO, you can get it any time you log in.)

The benefits of the WSO “done for you” service, on the other hand, are equally obvious. The lucky few who managed to get the “entry fee” together before the door on the opportunity closed again (during an exclusive webinar for John’s list) will certainly get their money’s worth and more.

Not only will they enter the WSO scene with a splash, at the same time they will acquire the skills to do it again and again – and after that initial splash with the assistance of some pretty powerful list support, they will have a ready audience next time launching a WSO is on the agenda.

My understanding was that John and Dave might open this up again early in the New Year, once they had worked through the process with “the lucky few” who got in the first time.

So far I haven’t seen any announcements, so in the meantime, if you’re interested in learning how to do this for a very modest investment (there was of course a WSO but it appears to be over), you could do a lot worse than checking out WSO Domination to answer that question, What DOES John Thornhill know about launching a WSO?

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