What Ed Dale thinks about Google Wave

“What does Ed Dale think about Google Wave?” I asked in my previous post.

It didn’t take long at all before Ed answered my question!

For members of his low-cost but excellent 30 Day Challenge Plus internet marketing training programme he quickly produced a video (a “carcast” in this case, i.e. recorded in his car, usually while driving around his home city of Melbourne, Australia).

In the video it is pretty clear that Ed Dale thinks Google Wave just might be the best thing since sliced bread, or at least since the iPhone and Twitter.

Ed thinks it could have as much or more impact than these two and he discusses the key indicators behind this conclusion.

“The Tubby Nerd”, as he ironically styles himself, looks at the role Google Wave can be expected to take on in Web 2.0 – and what that means for your online marketing with Web 2.0 or in fact for your web marketing as a whole.

Now as I said, you need to be a member of 30DC Plus to be able to view this video of Ed Dale’s take on Google Wave, BUT – the good news is, right now you can join 30DC+ for a dollar and view everything currently available to members.

If you do that, you just may be as intrigued as I am by the quality of the teaching of really usable skills in manageable chunks – and decide to stay in.

But even if you don’t, you will have more than got your dollar’s worth from Thirty Day Challenge Plus just by finding out what Ed Dale thinks about Google Wave!

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