Author: Paul D. Chilvers-Grierson

  • “Starting All Over Again…”

    Starting all over again is something I’ve done quite a lot of, so now I have joined John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success coaching and mentoring programme, I am more or less starting this blog again. Slightly new location, new theme, new approach – well, somewhat new. But there will also be considerable continuity, so I […]

  • Curation, Curation, Curation…. Otherwise Known As The Publishing Model

    I have to laugh when I see all the hyped up emails about “curation”, i.e. “content curation”, as if it was only invented last week. I’ve been doing content curation online since at least 1999, and offline for even longer. I didn’t know the fancy name for what I was doing, I just did it. […]

  • What Can A Medieval Battle Teach Us About Running An Internet Marketing Business?

    Actually, not just one battle, but a whole series of battles over several centuries. Battles between the Scots and the English. Which, with a few notable exceptions, the English almost always won, despite often being seriously outnumbered by their northern counterparts. Time and again – from the Battle of the Standard in 1138 (fought just […]

  • Unless you have a plan – what is the point? [Part II]

    Here’s a thought next time you’re faced with one of those scarcity offers – “What did I do with all those other scarcity offers I bought…..uhhh….nothing…!” “Will there likely be similar offers some time in the future if I don’t get this one….well….probably!” That’s actually two thoughts, and they came to me on seeing about […]

  • Unless you have a plan – what is the point? [Part I]

    I was looking at yet another of the seemingly endless WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) everyone and their brother seem to be telling me about lately. This time it was a business bundle of premium themes, i.e. WordPress themes. I already have more themes than I know what to do with. That’s probably because