Author: Paul D. Chilvers-Grierson

  • Something Funny Going On Here…

    Last week I created a new post as a followup to the previous one some months ago, after first upgrading to 2.9.2. But when I published, everything on the blog except the title and the post title disappeared. I trashed it, everything came back, untrashed it, everything went away again, so I trashed it again, […]

  • Google Wave – got your invite?

    Some time back I wrote a couple of posts about Google Wave – and then forgot about it! A few days ago I received an invitation by email to sign up to Google’s answer to Facebook et al. The question is: with so many other distractions going on, do I need another one… And what […]

  • What Ed Dale thinks about Google Wave

    “What does Ed Dale think about Google Wave?” I asked in my previous post. It didn’t take long at all before Ed answered my question! For members of his low-cost but excellent 30 Day Challenge Plus internet marketing training programme he quickly produced a video (a “carcast” in this case, i.e. recorded in his car, […]

  • Google Wave – Is it the Wave of the Future?

      Yesterday Google upstaged the launching of Microsoft’s new “decision engine”, Bing, by presenting Google Wave to participants at the Google I/O developers’ conference in California  – and the world via YouTube.   You can see, as I did, an 80 minute video presentation of what Google Wave is and what it does – a […]

  • Getting Started in Internet Marketing in the UK

    Starting something and then not doing any more with it – because you’ve got tied down or distracted by other things – seems to me that’s a typical newbie phenomenon in internet marketing in the UK, as it is worldwide. And that’s exactly what I initially allowed to happen with the original version of this […]