The best way to build your network is to build your network – face to face… in Northallerton for example

Earlier this month I attended Randy Smith’s monthly meet up for internet marketers in the UK in his home town of Northallerton, the county town of North Yorkshire.

This time I also stayed over to spend some social time in the evening with Randy, his partner Rachel Tombling and a few of the guys and girls who came from all over the UK to meet like-minded people who don’t glaze over at the mention of autoresponders, squeeze pages and the like.

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PLR article membership site – the new “gold standard”?

UK internet marketer and newsletter author Martin Avis and his wife Delia have just opened a new PLR article site called KickstartPLR (after his popular long-running newsletter).

I have known Martin personally for a number of years – we first actually met at a workshop at Heathrow in April 2006 – and have always admired his integrity, high standards and his honest desire to help.

As a result, a very large proportion of the products and services I have bought online have been through links in his regular Kickstart newsletter, and it is through him that I have gotten to know many other internet marketers around the world.

I think the first of Martin’s own products I bought was

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Not Much Of A Ride On Google Wave

Well, I signed up to Google Wave, but somehow got becalmed… I couldn’t figure out what to actually do with it once I was “in” and able to ride the wave. The instruction video indicated wasn’t actually there, though after some searching on YouTube I did manage to find it. But while I did find…

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Something Funny Going On Here…

Last week I created a new post as a followup to the previous one some months ago, after first upgrading to 2.9.2. But when I published, everything on the blog except the title and the post title disappeared. I trashed it, everything came back, untrashed it, everything went away again, so I trashed it again,…

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Google Wave – got your invite?

Some time back I wrote a couple of posts about Google Wave – and then forgot about it! A few days ago I received an invitation by email to sign up to Google’s answer to Facebook et al. The question is: with so many other distractions going on, do I need another one… And what…

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